The following memo was distributed to students on February 4, 2002.

February 4, 2002

Dear Students and Parents,
Here are some final thoughts on our trip to the OMEA Professional Conference on Wednesday and Thursday, February 6 and 7:

• Make sure your name is on the outside of your instrument case.
• Make sure your name is on the tag on your garment bag.
• Performers at the conference receive a badge that is worn while at the convention. This badge also gets you into the exhibit halls and other performances.
• You may want to bring snacks for the trip down. Dinner will be at 9:00 Wednesday night.
• Bring your suitcase, your garment bag (with uniform), a small carry-on (?) to B136 before school on Wednesday.
• Remember to pick up and distribute any fruit on Tuesday night.
• Remember that when we are in uniform, we are all in FULL uniform.
• Professional CD’s or cassettes of our performance may be ordered for $13 at the conference.
• Double check that you have mutes, mouthpiece, reeds.
• Don’t forget any medications that you may need. Please let me know of any additional medical concerns since you filled out your E-Med. form in the fall.
• Approximate arrival time will be 10:00 PM Thursday night.
• I am extremely proud to be the director of this band!

Mr. Adams

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