The following letter was distributed to students on January 20, 1998.

January 16, 1998

Dear Symphonic Band Students and Parents,

The time is quickly approaching for the WHS Symphonic Band to perform at the 1998 Ohio Music Education Association Professional Conference. It is indeed an honor to be selected to perform at this conference, and it is truly a testament to the hard work and dedication of the students in our instrumental music program. Again, I would like to offer my congratulations to all of the students and parents. I'm quite sure that this will be a very special experience for the members of the band as well as a treat for the audience in attendance. Below are some explanations and concerns as well as an itinerary for Thursday, January 22.

We perform at 7:00 PM on Thursday, January 22, at the Ohio Music Education Association State Professional Conference in the Grand Ballroom of the Columbus Convention Center.

• The OMEA Professional Conference is a 3-day convention for music educators from throughout the state of Ohio. There are performances, clinics, and exhibits for educators to attend.

Family and friends are invited to see our performance. All you need to do is identify yourself as a WHS music supporter when you enter the Grand Ballroom. OMEA members receive a badge which allows them to enter all conference areas, including clinic sessions and exhibit halls, etc. Performance stages, however, are accessible by family and friends of the performing groups. Furthermore, Symphonic Band members and chaperones will receive Participant Badges which will be worn to permit them into the exhibit halls as well.

• Students will wear their full Symphonic Band uniform from the time they exit the bus until the time they get back on the bus to leave. All of our time will be spent at the Convention Center. Coats and other personal items can be left on the bus.

• All music and folders will be collected at Wednesday's rehearsal and then distributed upon arrival at our performance room on Thursday evening.

• Make sure you have all of your instruments and accessories as well as all uniform parts.

• A digital recording of our concert will be made by Soundwaves Recording. Orders can be placed outside the performance hall before and after our concert or at the Soundwaves booth in the exhibit hall. CD's are $16.00, Tapes $10.00. I highly recommend taking advantage of this.

(• A map to the Columbus Convention Center is attached. )


ITINERARY – Thursday, January 22, 1998

12:30 PM
Change into uniforms (“loosely”).
Load Chartered Buses with equipment and instruments.
Check in with chaperone before entering your bus. Load buses – depart for Columbus.
Bring snacks if you like (remember to keep the bus clean).
2:45 - 3:15
Arrive at Columbus Convention Center.
Eat at food court after arrival and spend time in Exhibit Halls.
Meet buses at unloading area and unload equipment and instruments.
Move to Grand Ballroom for Warm-up.
Warm-up and rehearse in Grand Ballroom.
Immediately after performance, load buses in loading area.
8:00 approx.
After loading equipment and instruments, attend reception compliments of OMEA and Nancy Ditmer.
9:15 approx.
Load buses – depart for Wooster.
11:30 approx.
Arrive at Wooster High School.

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